UpgradeEngine Type
F155 Engine UpgradeSigma Fixed Cam 
F175 Engine UpgradeSigma Fixed Cam
F190 Engine UpgradeSigma Fixed Cam
F200 Engine UpgradeSigma Fixed Cam
Ultralight Flywheel & ClutchSigma Fixed CamSigma Ti-VCTDuratec
Seven 270 to 310R UpgradeSigma Ti-VCT
F160 Ti-VCT Engine Upgrade Sigma Ti-VCT
F175 Ti-VCT Engine UpgradeSigma Ti-VCT
F190 Ti-VCT Engine UpgradeSigma Ti-VCT
F225 Engine UpgradeDuratec
F265 Engine UpgradeDuratec
F280 Engine UpgradeDuratec
Engine Management SystemsSigma Fixed CamSigma Ti-VCTDuratec
Throttle Body UpgradeSigma Ti-VCT
Carbon AirboxSigma Fixed CamSigma Ti-VCTDuratec
Aluminium Catch TankSigma Fixed CamSigma Ti-VCTDuratec
Dual Oil Pressure/ Temp GaugeSigma Fixed CamSigna Ti-VCTDuratec
Exhaust Headers WrappedSigma Fixed CamSigna Ti-VCTDuratec
Silencers & ‘Cat in Can’ ExhaustSigma Fixed CamSigna Ti-VCTDuratec
Oil to Water heat ExchangersSigma Fixed CamSigma Ti-VCTDuratec*
Dry Sump Oil SystemSigma Fixed CamSigma Ti-VCT
*Motorsport Only