Stage 3 – Premier Power F175 Upgrade

This upgrade brings the Sigma Ti-VCT engine to life.  The great induction noise and quick action throttle, greatly improves the driving experience of these cars.  The long intake length on this upgrade spec, greatly improves low end and mid-range torque whilst achieving good top end performance. This upgrade also requires our lightweight alternator installation, lightening your engine by a further 3kgs.

Performance figures;   F175  Torque 136Lbsft  Power 175bhp

  310R  Torque 125Lbsft  Power 150bhp

Upgrade includes;

• Engine check over, new cam belt and F160 camshafts with uprated valve springs.

• Direct to head throttle body set

• Quick action throttle set up with ball and socket throttle cable

• Foam air filter and back plate (Carbon airbox optional)

• Hi flow fuel injectors •Lightweight 50amp alternator

• New unpainted bonnet with left hand louvers removed and air filter hole cut in bonnet

Price on application