Stage 2 – Premier Power F160 Upgrade

Black trace is 310R vs Red trace is F160

This upgrade takes the standard Caterham 270 or 310 car to up over 160bhp.  This upgrade is not just about headline bhp figures but a massive increase in performance throughout the rev range, which is very noticeable when driving.  Please see graph (Right).  This upgrade includes an engine health check before we start.  We then remove the standard cams from the engine, fitting uprated valve springs, not fitted by Caterham on their 310 upgrades. Higher lift cams are then fitted and valve clearances accurately adjusted before setting the cam timing.  High flow fuel injectors are also included with this upgrade.

A new cam belt is fitted, water pump and tensioner can also be replaced if the customer wishes.

The engine is finished with a red Premier Power cam cover and carbon fibre plug lead cover.  An aluminium catch tank is also supplied along with a Premier Power induction kit to replace the standard air box.  Whilst having Premier Power carry out this upgrade for you, you may find the cost slightly more than Caterham fitting their 310 upgrade, Premier Powers has more components and is aimed at having the engine set up for further Premier Power upgrades in the future.

This upgrade includes a lightweight flywheel.

Price on application