Sigma – Ti-VCT Upgrades

Ford introduced a later version of the Sigma known as the Ti-VCT Sigma, this phased out the earlier fixed cam Sigma.  The engine featured a revised top end, including cylinder head, camshafts and cam actuators and solenoids.  It also featured revised pistons with cut outs to deal with the variable cam timing.  Both are still great engines but the Ti-VCT functionality lends itself to improved low end and mid range torque. 

Caterham were using the fixed cam engine for their entry level range of cars but as the Fixed cam version went out of production, they had to resort to using the new later version.  The Ti-VCT runs a completely different ECU to the Fixed Cam variant.  Premier Power have converted some cars from Fixed Cam Sigma to Ti-VCT.  However we have tried to develop our current range of upgrades along side the standard Caterham range, the 270 and the 310.  If you have a specific requirement or would like to discuss your options further, please email or give us a call and we would be happy to discuss these with you further.

Main Engine Upgrades:

“Shown here is a Ford video which explains the functionality of the Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) system on the Sigma.  Premier Power have invested in a lot of development work, removing the Ford engine management system and replacing it with a different system.  The Ford management system is locked and set up to run a standard Ford engine.  Our calibrations are mapped to take advantage of the cams, throttle bodies and other modifications we make to achieve the performance levels we produce.  Enjoy the video”

Recommended Upgrades: