Sigma Fixed Cam Upgrades

The Sigma is a very underestimated engine due to Caterham’s marketing.  The engine is very lightweight compared to the Duratec.  In standard form, it is 15kgs lighter than the Duratec and with our modifications, we can make this a further 8 kgs lighter, making it 23 kgs lighter than a 2.0 litre Duratec. 

Due to the capacity difference between the two engines, the Sigma has lower torque than the Duratec but the lighter engine components used in the Sigma mean this isn’t as noticeable.  The Sigma as standard from Caterham is fitted with the standard Ford heavy flywheel.  The Duratec is not, giving the impression the Duratec is a much more powerful engine.

Our general rule is and this is speaking as a Caterham owner, not a performance tuning company, up to 200 bhp, stay with the Sigma.  Over 200 bhp, move to a Duratec.

Caterham are producing a car, at a price and hence are not going to fit small volume parts which come at a price, to their entry level cars.  This will effect their “foot in the door” sales.  What we are offering is to transform a great engine into something that suits the car and that greatly enhances the driving experience.  The lighter engine also helps to promote better car handling.

Re-sale value of modified cars is a much discussed topic on forums these days.  Our view on this is that as our products become more popular in the market place, these cars will demand a higher re-sale price as these are recognised quality products that differ greatly from the standard Caterham  specification.  Our customers are our best form of marketing and we recognise this.

Main Engine Upgrades:

Recommended upgrades: