Reliability, Durability and Service Intervals

All Premier Power upgrades are factory fit only.  This ensures, you the customer gets the peace of mind that your quality product has been correctly installed and set up.  This means you get the performance level you desire and the reliability you deserve.

Premier Power upgrades do not affect the service intervals of your car.  The only thing we would recommend customers do is have their air filter cleaned and re-oiled once a year, a service Premier Power can offer if required. A question we often get asked is “how long will it last” or “when do I need to get it rebuilt”.

Whilst all of our products are extensively tested, both on the track and the road, responsibility falls to the owner to ensure fluid levels are correctly maintained but also fluid temperatures are observed and driving styles adjusted to accommodate these.  Engines driven hard from cold, with cold oil, will wear out faster and potentially suffer a failure, as would any other normal engine.  An engine that runs on track with oil temperature that isn’t monitored, could suffer a failure if the oil runs too hot. 

Premier Power have developed a range of products to help customers deal with these conditions.

These vehicles are not normally driven for that same amount of miles as a normal road car.  Caterhams that are used for touring should have oil and filter changes annually, cars doing track days should have their oil changed more frequently.  Oil is the cheapest insurance policy for your engine.