Racecar New Build

For those competitors purchasing new cars to compete in race series, Premier Power offer a new car build service.  Not only can we carry out the initial assembly of your car but we can run it in and power test it ready for your first session. 

Running in your engine and drive train on the rolling road ensures we can also produce a power and torque curve for your car.  This enables us to check the performance of your car, ensuring it complies with your championship regulations.  It also gives you performance figures you can compare against during the season, should you feel your car is down on power for whatever reason. 

Our service means that when you attend your first session, you are out on track, learning and developing the car as opposed to ironing out issues associated with a new car build.  More track time normally results in a quicker car as more experience has already been gained. 

Following initial build, shake down and initial testing, we could also look at getting your dampers and springs measured on a damper dyno.  This would again no only ensure what you have on the car, are within specification, but also give you a set of data to compare against during the season, if required.

Following initial build, shakedown and test, if you require further support, please let us know.

As incidents often happen during competition, we can also assist you with repairs if required.  During the race season, races dates can often be close together meaning competitors that have a day job to attend, can sometimes struggle to fix their cars in time for the next race.  We are able to assist with this depending upon the customer requirements.  We can even arrange to collect and return the car once the repair has been carried out.

Price on application