Premier Power F200 Upgrade

The Premier Power F200 upgrade will give you Duratec R400 performance from an engine 20.25kg lighter. Fit our very popular ultra light weight flywheel and clutch option (lightening the engine by a further 2.75kgs) and improve your throttle response even further. This upgrade is at home on both track and the road. This upgrade has been developed to give great performance at lower RPM than other 200bhp Sigma’s on the market meaning outstanding durability and improved engine reliability.

Upgrade includes;

  • Engine health check
  • Engine removal and replacement
  • Direct to head throttle bodies
  • Foam air filter and back plate
  • Hi flow fuel injectors
  • Quick action throttle set up with ball and socket throttle cable
  • Premier Power F200 performance cylinder head modifications
  • Premier Power performance F200 camshafts, uprated valve springs and retainers
  • Modifications to bottom end for increased reliability & durability
  • Steel con-rods with uprated con-rod bolts Forged competition high compression pistons
  • New MBE ECU with Premier Power F200 calibration installed
  • Premier Power lightweight alternator installation
  • Lightweight billet flywheel fitted with uprated flywheel bolts (not ultralight version)
  • Uprated performance clutch assembly (not ultralight version)
  • Carbon cam cover insert

Price on application

(140 Super Sport owners with a billet flywheel receive a £197.50 discount on this price).

“I had my Caterham Supersport 140 upgraded to the Premier Power F200.  I have driven about 9000 miles since the upgrade both touring and on trackdays and the engine has not missed a beat! The engine is very usable on the road and the track. This upgrade has completely changed the dynamics of the car, it’s much faster, more responsive, lively and sounds great too”

Mr Simon Maitland