Premier Power F265 Upgrade

The Premier Power F265 gives a 2.0 Duratec a massive performance increase.  The steel con-rods and high compression forged pistons make this powerful engine very durable and reliable.  This engine must be fitted with a dry sump oil system which we are able to supply if not already fitted. 

Max Power 265 BHP 8500rpm  Max Torque TBC @ TBCrpm

Upgrade includes;

  • Engine health check.
  • Direct to head throttle bodies.
  • Steel con-rods fitted with uprated con-rod bolts.
  • Foam air filter and back plate.
  • Hi flow fuel injectors. Premier Power F265 performance cylinder head modifications.
  • Premier Power performance F265 camshafts, uprated valve springs and retainers.
  • Roller chain set and sprocket set – keywayed and doweled to crankshaft and camshafts
  • New MBE ECU with Premier Power F265 calibration installed.
  • Carbon cam cover insert.
  • Rolling Road run in and calibration check

Price on application

Please note on S3 Caterhams, a hole will be required in the bonnet for air intake.