Premier Power F225 Upgrade

The Premier Power F225 upgrade will give an R300, R360, R400 or a Supersport R a massive performance increase. With a torque figure that is only 5 Lbsft short of an R500 Duratec peak torque figure. The direct to head throttle bodies feature a shaftless butterfly system meaning you have the driveability of a butterfly at part throttle applications and virtually zero restriction in the inlet tract at wide open throttle applications. This upgrade will give you about five more horsepower and 15 lbsft more torque than a Caterham R400 throttle body upgrade and it includes a re-programmable ECU, uprated con-rod bolts, carbon cam cover insert and dyno sign off.

Max Power 225 BHP 7600rpm Max Torque 170Lbsft @ 6100rpm

Upgrade includes;

  • Engine health check.
  • Direct to head throttle bodies.
  • Foam air filter and back plate.
  • Hi flow fuel injectors.
  • Premier Power performance F225 camshafts, uprated valve springs and retainers.
  • Modifications to bottom end for increased reliability & durability.
  • New MBE ECU with Premier Power F225 calibration installed.
  • Carbon cam cover insert.
  • Rolling Road Calibration Check

Price on application