Premier Power F175 upgrade

The very popular Premier Power F175 upgrade will give you Duratec R300 performance from an engine 20.25kg lighter. Fit our very popular ultra light weight flywheel and clutch option (lightening the engine by a further 2.75kgs) and improve your throttle response even further. This upgrade is at home on both track and the road.

  • Upgrade include;
  • Engine health check
  • Engine removal and replacement
  • Direct to head throttle bodies
  • Foam air filter and back plate
  • Hi flow fuel injectors
  • Quick action throttle set up with ball and socket throttle cable
  • Premier Power performance cylinder head modifications
  • Premier Power performance F175 camshafts with uprated valve springs and retainers
  • Modifications to bottom end for increased reliability & durability
  • New MBE ECU with Premier Power F175 calibration installed
  • Premier Power lightweight alternator installation
  • Lightweight billet flywheel fitted with uprated flywheel bolts (not ultralight version)
  • Uprated performance clutch assembly (not ultralight version)
  • Premier Power carbon fiber cam cover insert

Price on Application

Recommended option;

Ultralight flywheel and clutch

My car was previously a standard Sigma 150SV 5 speed used mainly for touring, two up, both locally and abroad. Oil consumption almost equal to fuel consumption!

My earlier Caterham was an 140 BHP, 1800 K Series with six speed box. The acceleration was good, made all the better with six speed box.

On purchase the Sigma was disappointing, not revving anywhere near as quickly as the K + six speed. Man maths dictated that something had to be done for more power and reduced oil consumption. The Lotus 7 60th Anniversary meet saw the ordering of an F175 upgrade from Premier Power. F175 chosen over buying a different car which has the risk of inheriting other problems.

The modifications included F175 upgrade, ultralight flywheel and clutch, revised clutch master cylinder, lightened alternator, honed bores and new piston rings, running in on the rolling road, engine mapping. The differences have been dramatic: –

The engine revs much more quickly, Acceleration through the whole range all the way to the red line is excellent, even two up with luggage. One up, dramatic:) Overtaking feels much safer due to the constant pull. Oil consumption has been zero in the 10,000 miles since upgrade. Fuel consumption not noticeably different. Sounds great! Service support from Premier Power since upgrade has been excellent

Mr Nigel Simpson