Pre-Production Engine Builds

Premier Power are able to build pre-production engines and are able to provide clients with complete build sheets for all their engines.  We can work with clients engineers to carry out, if required, a full measurement process during the build process, measuring “actual” clearances and tolerances, proving out what engineers may have measured on CAD.  We’re also able to prove out build manuals and bill of materials and report any discrepancies which could be serious issues once you get to production.  This could also include “Bill of Material” validation, ensuring the right number of components and the right components are supplied for each engine.

We could also carry out re-works on these or other engines, completing any re-work “paper trail” that’s required to ensure continuity between builds and traceability for any future re-work activity.

Engine testing; 

Premier Power, with it’s partners are able to support engine test bed testing, or in vehicle testing on a rolling road.  These are facilities that the company uses to develop and test it’s own products with great success and these could be utilized to support a clients requirements.  This could be project managed completely by Premier Power or with a clients support depending upon the clients requirements.

Premier Power is also capable of building test bed installations for one off or for batch testing a number of engines on the test bed.  Well thought out installations are designed and built to ensure minimal downtime and quick engine changes, if a number of engines are being tested.  The company is also capable of stripping and accessing an engines condition and reporting this out to the client.  As well as this, engines can be stripped and laid out for a review. This work can involve reviewing and finding the causal factor of an engine failure or accessing an engines general condition following a particular test.  The nature of this work, depends on a particular clients brief.  Our flexible approach allows our processes to be adapted to your requirements, giving you a quality service and support at a very affordable price.

Prices on application