New Car Build

Premier Power is now able to offer customers of new kits from Caterham, a comprehensive car build service. 

With over twenty five years experience of building and working on Caterhams, as well as involvement in top line Motorsport, we are able to offer you the very best and highest standards in Caterham assembly.  During the assembly process, we can also offer paint protection film which we highly recommend on new cars with new paint. Following Caterham assembly and depending upon a customers requirements, we are also able to run in your engine and drivetrain, using engine running in oil and the rolling road.  Running in on the rolling road allows us to load up the engine more than is possible on the road, meaning the engine is better run in.  We can also supply an unlocked ECU and calibrate your engine so not only are the ECU parameters optimised but also your engine is running at it’s best. We can also provide and power and torque curve if required.  Following this, we can carry out an engine oil and filter change and fill your engine with good quality, fully synthetic oil.  Following this, we can also put your car through the IVA test that allows it to be driven on the road.

Cars being transported to either the rolling road or IVA test centre will be transported in a fully enclosed trailer and covered by Premier Powers Vehicles in Transit insurance policy. 

Premier Power is also able to offer a graphics service for customers who wish to personalise their car.

Price on application