Prior to setting up Premier Power as it is today, Stuart was part of a team preparing the engines for the highly successful Ford Mondeo British Touring Car engines that dominated the 2000 season.  Following the demise of the Super Tourer era to reduce costs, private owners purchased the cars and asked Premier Power to build the engines.   These engines were state of the art back in 2000, they were 2.0 litre normally aspirated engines limited to 8500rpm.  The Ford engine, initially developed with Cosworth was the only V6 running in the championship.  Prodrive, who were running the cars in 1999, then took over engine development and engine build for the 2000 season.  These sophisticated, purpose built engines produced a claimed 330bhp back in the day.  Premier Power have virtually matched this with a 328bhp measured on the rolling road

2000 BTCC Mondeo with Premier Power built engine