Life Racing Engine Management Systems

These ECUs are state of the art engine management systems.  They have been developed for some of the highest profile motorsport applications including LMP1 Sportscar Racing.

These offer the ultimate in engine control and protection which mean you should never damage your engine.  With additional sensors feeding the ECU with information, the ECU is able to detect very quickly if something isn’t operating correctly. 

The ECU will initially put the engine into a limp home mode to prevent the engine being damaged if something is operating within it preset operating tolerance.  If this issue doesn’t correct itself then the ECU will shut the engine down before any damage occurs.  This feature alone can make the off-set of a Life Racing ECU investment a no brainer, as the cost to repair an engine should a failure occur, could be several times the cost of this system.

The ECU also features a built in data logger that allows us to see exactly what’s going on with your engine.  This is not only useful for diagnostic purposes but also performance development. Because of the additional sensors required to monitor your engine, a new engine harness is supplied to fit your car. The harness is also supplied with a spares connector should you wish to add more features in the future……

Additional features can include; •Multi position launch control •Multi positon traction control •Lap timing •Gearbox control – sequential box with paddle control if required

Another nice bolt on to this system is the digital dash display.  This is fully programmable although Premier Power have configured a very user friendly layout.  It features up to four working screens that can give you all sensor readings from the ECU.  It also features two rows of six pre set gear shift lights that can be set for your specific application.  It also features gear selected indicator.  If connected with a beacon, it can also display a whole host of lap timing data.

The unit can be mounted either on the steering wheel, or on the car as you wish.  The unit can easily be removed from the car with a plug in umbilical connector that plugs into the vertical face of your scuttle panel.  This unit connects direct to your ECU and does not require an additional harness or sensor as with Caterhams Stack set up.

To sample this option please contact us for a demonstration on our own car.

Price on application