Ford & Motorsport Heat Exchangers

Ford Heat Exchanger

Ford Heat Exchanger;

  • Reduces Oil Warm-up time, reducing engine wear.
  • Reduces maximum oil temperature reducing risk of potential engine failure
  • Use restricted to Sigma Engine types

Price: supply and fit £145.00 + vat


Motorsport Heat Exchanger Installation:

Price on Application

  • More efficient than Ford Heat exchanger
  • Warms oil up faster.
  • Able to cope better with maximum oil temperature.
  • Better than an oil cooler
  • Recommended for Track day or race engine application.
  • Works well on Sigma and Duratec Engines

Price on application

“Having the heat exchanger fitted has given me confidence on track that my oil warms up quicker, and my oil / water temperature remains stable even under extreme conditions! Fantastic neat installation by Premier Power”

Jonathan Elsworth

Heat Exchanger Construction
Motorsport Heat Exchanger Installation