Stage 4 – Premier Power F190 Upgrade

Red trace is 310R vs Black trace PP F190 Ti-VCT

This upgrade features an exciting 8000rpm with a more durable bottom end from our F200.  The engine has a ported, performance cylinder head to improve airflow into the engine.  The bottom end includes high compression pistons with steel con-rods allowing for a safe increase in rpm to 8000rpm.

Performance figures;   F190  Torque 140Lbsft  Power 190bhp

  310R  Torque 125Lbsft  Power 150bhp

Upgrade includes;

  • Engine check.
  • Modifications to bottom end for increased reliability & durability.
  • Steel con rods & high compression pistons
  • Direct to head throttle body set.
  • Quick action throttle set up with ball and socket throttle cable.
  • Foam air filter and back plate.
  • High flow fuel injectors.Lightweight 50amp alternator.
  • New unpainted bonnet with left hand louvers removed and air filter hole cut in bonnet
  • Premier Power performance cylinder head modificationsUprated oil pump
  • Red Premier Power cam cover and carbon fiber cam cover insert
  • Lightweight flywheel with uprated clutch (Ultralight option available)

Price on application