Silencers & ‘Cat in Can’ Exhausts

Shown above is the power and torque curve for a Premier Power Sigma F155 Ti-VCT engine. The black lines are with a Caterham spec exhaust system, the redlines are with the Premier Power “Cat in the Can” silencer and Cat bypass piupe fitted. As can be seen there are some great gains to be had between 3700rpm and 5500rpm

Exhaust Silencers

Premier Power has developed it’s own range of silencers for road and track applications on the Caterham.  These silencers are repackable and can feature built in catalytic convertors for those that have to run them, either for road use or competition.  These silencers are made to a very high standard from stainless steel and have been developed to improve performance and reduce noise levels.

Due to the sensitivity of the performance of the Sigma Ti-VCT engine, with being able to calibrate these engines ourselves, we have seen some great performance improvements from fitting our silencers.  Whilst the gains aren’t that noticeable at the high RPM range, great gains in the mid-range RPM have been noted.  Please see the attached graph.  The black lines are with the standard Caterham exhaust with a cat fitted in the standard position.  The red lines are with the Caterham cat being removed and the Premier Power silencer being installed with the cat fitted in this.  As can be seen, there is as much as a 12lbsft or torque improvement at 4200RPM.

Premier Power “Cat in Can Exhaust”

This additional upgrade has been developed for those customers who run a catalytic converter in their exhaust. The Caterham setup runs the cat at the end of the four primary exhaust pipes, before the silencer. Premier Power have found on these engines, this has a big effect on the mid range power and torque. Fitting one of our “Cat in the Can Exhausts” virtually has the same performance as running a non-cat exhaust, giving you back that mid range performance.

Upgrade Includes:

  • Engine check over and set up
  • Cat in the Can repackable stainless steel silencer
  • Cat by pass pipe
  • Premier Power ECU Calibration, checked on rolling road to ensure performance figures are met and engine is “safe”.