Engine Rebuild Service

Premier Power’s engine rebuild service is second to none.  Engines are not just torn down but carefully dismantled in a clean, laboratory style workshop, taking specific measurements to help with setting the specification for the new build.  Estimates can be given to customers with recommendations on areas where money could be saved or where money should be spent to improve performance or reliability.

If a customer has been unfortunate and their engine has suffered a failure, Premier Power will make recommendations to reduce the risk of this happening again.  This may mean either uprated components, different set up of the engine or recommendations to changing the installation within the vehicle.

For clients who are looking for reports to be generated on engines that have either failed or on engines that have completed a durability test and want the condition of an engine accessing, we are able to carry out a detailed strip and report service with photography if required.  The level of detail required by the client would need to be established.  The report could be compiled and then components laid out for a viewing.  A level of confidentiality maybe required by the client which we will endeavour to provide.

The company has invested in very expensive measuring equipment that allows us to take very precise measurements and have parts supplied or modified to very close tolerances.   This means we are able to extract the very best from your engines performance as well as ensure your engine lasts.   Every engine build has all its dimensions and settings recorded in it’s own build file and these are stored on the our database.  With over 30 year’s engine building experience, we’ve seen where expensive mistakes can be made. 

A very thorough build and preparation processes, attention to detail and a clean working environment mean our customers get the very best level of service we can offer.

Price on application

“When my R500 Duratec dropped a valve last year, due to a broken valve spring (apparently a common issue with these engines), my first inclination was to replace it with a crate engine. However, having thought about it more, and discussed it with various more knowledgeable friends from the Caterham community, I became determined to end up with an engine that I could be sure was better than my original one, and that at least matched Caterham’s claimed power and torque figures.

Stuart came highly recommended, and fortunately his premises are less from 10 miles from home. He encouraged open access to his workshop, and I visited on several occasions, initially to discuss options, and then to review progress. I also came along to one of the rolling road sessions he booked with Northampton Motorsport.

He is clearly enormously knowledgeable and experienced in high performance engine building and is a perfectionist is getting everything just right.  I’ve ended up with an engine that matches Caterham’s claimed bhp and torque figures, but makes peak torque 1000 revs lower, improving response and driveability. Stuart has a plan for how we could increase power further at a later date.

As a driving experience the new engine is markedly better than original, being smooth and responsive throughout the rev range, and I have a confidence in the longevity of the engine that I didn’t have before, as I now know that it is properly sorted. I also had Stuart’s ultralight clutch and flywheel fitted, which I can highly recommend. It makes the drivetrain feel much more lively without requiring any significant increase in sensitivity of foot work. 

We sorted out a few other issues while the car was with Stuart, replacing the car’s original rather nasty plastic catch tank with an aluminium one, and adding a sight tube to solve the problem with checking oil level on the standard setup. So Stuart is definitively someone to have a conversation with if you are contemplating some engine work, and you can be sure that the work would be completed to the highest standard”.

Mike Oldridge Caterham R500