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Jonathan Elsworth collects his new F190 Competition Sigma

First Competition Sigma F190 Collected 07.03.2020

Jonathan Elsworth collected his Caterham Sigma F190 this weekend.  This is the first F190 Premier Power has released that is to be used in competition.

Jonathan, previously competed in the Time Attack Championship using a standard Caterham 140 Supersport.  He’s now opted for Premier Powers new F190 upgrade which the company believe will give Jonathan a very competitive package.

Stuart commented “we’ve delighted to get one of these upgrades out in a competitive championship like Time Attack.  The Sigma is a very under rated engine but with its lightweight advantage compared to 2 litre cars and similar power characteristics, we feel these engines will be very competitive”. 

The engine is the latest development in the companies Sigma upgrade range.  This engine features steel con-rods and high compression forged pistons making it very durable and easily able to cope with its 8000rpm rev limit.  Jonathan has also opted for the ultralight flywheel and clutch which will help him dramatically with the drivability of the car on track, improving throttle response and engine braking.

Jonathan commented;

Jonathan picks up his new F190 Sigma engined Caterham from Premer Power’s Stuart Cresswell

‘’It was a no brainer to turn to Stuart at Premier Power for the new engine build, with having such a fantastic reputation and a huge wealth of motorsport knowledge in the sigma engine! And what a fantastic engine package Premier power has created, it really unlocks the true potential of the Sigma engine with a crisp, sharp throttle response, torque which pulls hard throughout the whole rev range all the way to the 8000rpm rev limit. You can now drive the car through the corner on the throttle with so much adjustability from the engine braking. I really believe this will give us the competitive edge this season.’’

Premier Power wished Jonathan every success in this years championship.  We will be following Jonathan’s success this year on the website