Sigma Ultra light Flywheel and Clutch

The Premier Power Ultra Lightweight Flywheel & Clutch is an entry level upgrade that gives a very noticeable driveability improvement.  It will give the driver a heavier clutch pedal but an increase in throttle response and the improvement in engine braking is very noticeable.  For those interested in improving the performance of their Sigma but that don’t initially want the expense of an engine upgrade, this is the perfect product for you.  It makes driving the car a completely different driving experience.  With the engine being far more responsive, it’s a lot easier to flick through the gears, increasing the sports car feel.  The sprung loaded centre plate also helps to protect the gearbox.

This product can either be fitted to a standard Caterham Sigma engine or a Premier Power modified engine.  Once purchased this clutch is suitable for any of the Premier Power engine upgrades and does not require uprating for any of our upgrades.  A new master cylinder is supplied as part of the kit.  However we do recommend while the engine is out to replace the slave cylinder and release bearing.  Should the old unit fail, there would be an additional labour charge to remove and re-fit a new one.

Price on application

“With the ultralight flywheel and uprated clutch my ex academy car is quicker to accelerate. Gear changes are quicker too. The car feels more nimble, which is incredible from a few kilograms off the flywheel. 

I dropped the car off at their premises near Leamington Spa. Stuart took some time to explain the change in components. I returned a few days later, when it was ready, and was kindly met at the train station and given a lift to the workshop. 

I’m very pleased with the work done on the car”

Mr Simon Houghton – Somerset