Duratec Engine Upgrades

The Duratec engine is available in 2.0 and 2.3 litre as well as a newer version, the 2.5 litre which currently isn’t fitted as standard to any of the Caterham range.  The four cylinder, 16v unit is very robust and durable and capable of some impressive performance figures in both normally aspirated and forced induction applications.  With internal modifications, the 2.0 litre is capable of 8500rpm, should you wish to rev it higher, a steel crankshaft is required.  The 2.3 engine features a long stroke, meaning the engine is rev limited yet the engine produces great torque, so high rpm generally aren’t required. 

Premier Power has developed an entry level 2.0 Litre F225 upgrade producing 225 bhp and 170lbsft of torque.  The company is also able to offer a 265bhp version which will rev to 8500rpm as well as a 280bhp version of the 2.3 Litre engine aimed at the Caterham CSR market.

Premier Power are also able to offer products aimed at improving the throttle response and improved installation of these engines as well as dry sump options for those engines running in tougher conditions.  Improvements in installation include a midi bell housing with starter motor and an option of flywheels and clutches to suit this.  The midi bell housing installation means that when a Caterham is fitted with the dry sump installation, there is no vulnerable step hanging down at the front of the bellhousing that could catch a kerb or object.  The base of the sump and the bell housing become one flat surface with this installation.

Main Engine Upgrades

Premier Power has also re-engineered the engine bay installation of the Caterham CSR.  The standard installation runs an integral oil tank in the bellhousing.  This can be problematic for owners wishing to measure their oil level.  We have seen customers mis read this and cause serious damage to their engines.  This installation is also difficult to carry out oil changes as there is no way to completely drain oil from the sump.   The leading edge of the sump is also very vulnerable to damage as it has very little ground clearance.  The installation improvements we have made allow for easy oil changes to be carried out with an easy clean oil tank, fitted with a sight tube so the oil level is easy to see.  A drain plug on the sump with a removable gauze allows all the oil to be removed from the engine.

Recommended Upgrades:

On high performance applications, we recommend our “Oil to Water” Heat Exchanger Installation. This works extremely well for controlling the oil temperature on these engines.  The heat exchanger installation also lends itself to neater packaging installation as there is no air flow required as with an oil cooler, therefore as a larger radiator is required for the coolant circuit, space in the engine bay can be used for this and not an oil cooler.   Whilst the engines do run hot as they have a high temperature coolant thermostat for a standard Ford application, Premier Power are able to supply a cooler running thermostat.  This in turn will also help to reduce oil temperature.

Whilst Premier Power have developed standard upgrades for the Duratec, as they have with the 1.6 Sigma, if customers have a specific requirement, please talk to us about our Custom Engineered range.